Trail Riding – Terms and Conditions

Please read this information BEFORE booking your trail ride – refunds cannot be given if these rules are overlooked


Please read this information BEFORE booking your trail ride

Children must 8yrs old or over to ride and accompanied by a parent if they are under the age of 16 – we are not equipped to cater to any special needs children or children with learning difficulties.

We have a weight limit of 250lbs – no exceptions - horses should only be expected to carry ¼ of their bodyweight and most of our horses weigh 1000lbs. We have scales – and we WILL weigh you if we think you are too heavy to ride! Please consider the wellbeing of our horses.

Helmets are mandatory – we provide helmets of a current safety standard.

Heeled shoes or boots of at least one inch are also mandatory. This is a safety issue – it is very dangerous should your foot slip all the way through the stirrup. NO SNEAKERS / FLIP FLOPS etc…… we have some spares available but please try to bring appropriate footwear to ensure you are comfortable.

Jeans are the most appropriate pant choice.

All riders must sign a waiver before riding.

During the summer months it is recommended riders use an insect repellent.

Please ensure you are in good health, reasonably mobile and have no serious medical conditions. Horse riding is an active sport.

One person per horse - no exceptions.

If you know or suspect yourself to be pregnant, we do not recommend that you ride.

If you have any questions or special requirements – please call ahead and communicate with us so we can accommodate you.


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